In an excerpt from his new book, “Strength to Awaken,” Rob McNamara makes a compelling case for the necessity of “Integral Practice.”

While practice cultivates greater preparation and engagement resulting in the refinement and development of yourself, the skills you possess and the capacities you can enact in your life, there is a catch. You only refine the dimensions of yourself that you are engaging in practice. So while you may be incredibly focused upon one area of your life, another equally important dimension may be stuck in habituation. While this may result in a high degree of competence in one area, if central dimensions of you are not refined through practice inevitably you will find yourself lacking essential competencies for addressing the true demands of the full scope of your life.

Integral Practice is a technology that addresses these inherent limitations of practice by engaging all of the major dimensions of yourself. By engaging all of these facets you will be able to unfold, develop, refine, and actualize your larger potential with greater efficiency.

I like the way McNamara talks about practice as preparation. Certainly, Integral Practice can be seen as an excellent way to prepare for all the challenges we are currently facing and will face as we journey through the Big Birth.

The way I’m seeing Integral Practice lately has a different emphasis. It seems to me that the the immanent Birth, or the Beginning Time has an inevitable quality. At some point, the baby is going to be born, one way or the other. That coming “Newborn” is an attractor. It is pulling all of us towards it.

The Beginning Time exerts an encouraging force that works to heal our old wounding. It works to free us from unconscious habits that hold us back. It works to enable us to thrive and to enrich The Big Family that is The Whole Biosphere/Noosphere. And I see Integral Practice as effective tools for this Work. I see it as an excellent means to a Beginning.

In other words, Integral Practice is being called for (with increasing intensity) by the Future that wants to emerge.